Collection: Pre Order

Have you just fallen in love with previous stock but missed your opportunity on purchasing it before it was snatched up? Have you been waiting for us to remake this item and drop it in our weekly stock drops? At this time I am not remaking the same pieces for stock drops simply due to the fact that I have SO MANY new ideas by the time I am done with one I’m ready to bring the next idea to life.

 Pre orders now gives you that opportunity to have these pieces remade with MINOR tweaks if you choose. 
What is considered a minor tweak? Features such as the buckstitch color, swapping for a different bible verse, or a different base leather color if you’re trying to match existing tack. You are able to choose up to 2 features you want changed at no additional cost. Anything more with be considered a custom and be charged a design fee.  If you’re unsure if your changes can be made please email us before ordering and we can confirm if you’re requests for change can be made. 

**  If ordering please understand this will have a wait time of 8-12 weeks** 

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  • Buckstitch one ear